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Origin Metaverse is a platform of interoperable protocols and tools designed to revolutionize education and training through collaborative virtual worlds. Utilizing a layered architecture, Origin Metaverse integrates advanced technologies to facilitate rich communication (voice, text, and video streaming), sharing and distributing 3D assets in USD and GLB formats, and synchronizing interactive events, such as group activities in educational MetaSpaces.

Origin Metaverse?

Protocols, Decentralization, communication --> Sync reality

Virtual Worlds, dApps, IA Tools, Labs, Simulators, learning experiences

Real World storage and share 3D Assets, Virtual Worlds --> IPFS

Origin Tech

Share, Learn & Create

The true essence of the Metaverse lies in sharing and communicating your thoughts and knowledge more effectively, swiftly, and efficiently. It enables you to create, share, and express your own context. Experience is a new reality, thanks to the next generation of the internet: the Open Metaverse.

We provide endless opportunities for growth and exploration. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the power of REAL virtual learning!

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