The Education Centered Metaverse

What is

Origin Metaverse is a set of interoperable protocols and technologies designed to bring to life a worldwide swarm of virtual worlds "Origin Worlds" and learning resources "MetaSpaces", focused on evolving the educational paradigm and enhancing metaverse tools interaction. Origin Metaverse provides access to collaborative and endless shared learning experiences from multiple devices, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Origin Metaverse?

Powerful AI and decentralized technologies fuel the creation of open, massive, scalable, and interoperable social virtual environments. These technologies converge with captivating collaborative educational MetaSpaces like simulators , innovative laboratories, and enriched experiences across virtual worlds. This convergence marks the Origin of a new era in learning—where building and sharing pave the way for unprecedented educational journeys. The future of immersive learning is now.

Peer to peer

IA, XR, Virtual Worlds

Learning by Building

Dive into the heart of innovation with the Origin Metaverse, where "Learning by Building" transcends traditional education. In our boundless virtual realms, every experience is more than just an interaction—it's a journey of discovery, creation, and sharing that connects souls across the globe.

Community-shared 3D Assets and Virtual Worlds

Origin Metaverse distributes its visual infrastructure among interested user communities, utilizing our efficient peer-to-peer (p2p) solution, ensuring decentralized and collaborative access to our resources.

Access from Any Device, Anywhere!

Origin is device-agnostic, seamlessly integrating mobile, PC|Mac, Web Browsers, HMDs, spatial computing, AR, VR, and MR devices. It fosters a shared knowledge ecosystem, elevating educational experiences beyond the next generation of the internet.

Our world is beatiful and magnificent!

There's no need to replace it. The Origin Metaverse seeks to amplify and facilitate the simulation of physical phenomena, ignite passion for the arts, and democratize knowledge and application in science and technology. It enables learning through interactive building, set within alternative, virtually enhanced realities. This fosters collaboration, shared experiences, and global communication. Far from supplanting our physical world, this virtual realm aims to augment and enrich our understanding of it, offering new perspectives and innovative ways to explore, create, and connect."

Let's bring your ideas to life together!

Predict the future by creating it